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    Abstraction: Alive and Well

The apparent eulogy for abstract art reverberating through art fairs and permeating through critics’ columns is not new to the 21st century. Amidst the current buzz surrounding the abundance of contemporary figuration, LiveArt is pleased to present an exciting array of contemporary works that demonstrate abstraction is alive and well. This drop highlights the defining elements of abstract art — a celebration of color, form, line, space, or even the absence of these qualities. The art market — primary and secondary — reveals a sustained interest in abstraction, perhaps because of the unique interpretative space it leaves for the viewer. Established names from iconic Minimalist Robert Ryman to visionary Yayoi Kusama consistently hit landmark prices at auction, have been the subjects of career retrospectives, and are acquired by institutional collections worldwide. Contemporary artists such as Mark Grotjahn, Josh Smith, Franz Ackermann, and Raphaela Simon continue to create and captivate through the tenants of abstraction, growing their secondary markets while being featured globally in gallery exhibitions. The continued creation of and demand for abstract art suggests that the freedom from figuration is far from dead.
"There is never a question of what to paint but only how to paint. I don't abstract from anything.… I am involved with real space, the room itself, real light, and real surface."
- Robert Ryman