Every generation, there is an artist that emerges that transforms the way we not only experience art, but also the way we experience life. Alex Da Corte is that artist. LiveArt is pleased to present one of Da Corte's “CD Paintings,” an homage to the CD jewel cases that became obsolete in the age of digital music streaming. Featuring one of his favorite bands, Da Corte transforms the original CD cover, obscuring text and some of the images, making them less a replication of the original and more about the nostalgia and feelings associated with music. In its size and bold color, the painting pays tribute to the lost object, the tactile and physical embodiment of something lost. Da Corte's CD Paintings draw upon the established tradition of musician-artist collaborations that have yielded some of the most recognizable albums of all time: from Kanye West and Takashi Murakami to Sonic Youth and Raymond Pettibon. Da Corte’s work is rooted in Pop Art precedents as well as the conceptual practices of artists like Mike Kelley and Robert Gober, but what distinguishes Da Corte’s paintings are his love of materials and process, his dazzling use of color and form, and his keen attention to design.
    "How do I know my life, how do I know my politics, my religion, how do I know my love. I probably learned it from my family, but mostly I probably learned it from TV."
    - Alex Da Corte