Modded Server Rack Display with Hackathon [Narrative by Matt Goerzen, suggested product title by Emily Segal]

Simon Denny

Modded Server Rack Display with Hackathon [Narrative by Matt Goerzen, suggested product title by Emily Segal] , 2015

215.00 x 60.00 x 85.00 Centimeters
Powder coated 19” server rack, Cisco Systems WS-C2948G switch, LAN cables, Bachmann power strip, steel trays, custom printed books, Red Bull energy drink cans, UV printed iPhone 6 dummies, DT Hack Berlin April 2013 participant passes, DT Hack T-shirt, Evernote stickers, Fatboy Bean Bag, InkJet print on Staples Wall Pad, UV print on cardboard, laser cut Plexiglas letters, wooden box, powder coated steel components, UV print on sandblasted laminated safety glass, LED strips
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About the artwork

Modded Server Rack Display : Hackathon (Narrative by Matt Goerzen, suggested product title by Emily Segal), is a sculptural installation created in 2015 that is part of a larger series, Products of Organising. This specific vitrine exposes a competitive event known as a “hackathon.” Typically a hackathon begins after work on Friday and goes until Sunday evening.  The inclusion of cans of red bull and a bean bag chair in the vitrine allude to the fact that many participants attempt to stay awake during the entire duration and the organisers provide caffeinated beverages and food. This work investigates the cult-like culture of management in both private and public institutions. When reflecting on the conception of this project, Denny noted, “I recognised how organisational systems and management practices actively produce and shape culture in a wider sense.” This piece was originally exhibited at Serpentine Galleries in London in 2016, and later at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre’s exhibition, Business Insider, in Brussels.

About the artist

Simon Denny

Simon Denny, born 1982, is a Berlin-based, New Zealand artist. His research based, journalistic practice examines networks of power, politics, media production, and consumption. Denny cannot be confined into one style of art, but works between sculpture, performance, and media art. Borrowing from the aesthetics and ideologies of corporations and government bodies, Denny’s multi-layered and complex installations question our reality and technology’s impact on our experience and understanding of the world around us.  

Denny’s work has been exhibited internationally and he represented New Zealand at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 with his installation, Secret Power. In 2012 he was the recipient of Art Basel’s Baloise Art Prize.  Denny also released his first series of NFTs, Mine Offsets, in March 2021 to coincide with his exhibition, Mine, at Petzel Gallery.

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