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Dan Attoe

Private Listing , 2013

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About the artist

Dan Attoe

Dan Attoe, born in Bremerton, Washington in 1975, is an American painter and sculptor, as well as the founder of the art group Paintallica. After studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Attoe went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Attoe’s work is often recognizable for its depiction of natural wonders that are occupied by tiny figures. Attoe’s landscapes are  characterized by loose brushstrokes and pronounced drips. In his works, Attoe exemplifies a strong commitment to depth and space as a way to highlight nature’s complex and subtle tones, in keeping with his continuous commitment to the color blue. In his paintings, he often juxtaposes his figure’s tiny bodies with massive trees, mountains, or shores. This juxtaposition calls the viewer back into nature while questioning our sense of place and belonging. One of the most striking aspects apparent throughout his art is his portrayal of an unknown narrative, which allows the figures and the grand landscapes to both be the protagonists of the work. 

Attoe currently lives and works in Washougal, Washington. Some of his recent solo exhibitions were held at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, Half Gallery in New York and Peres Projects, Berlin. In addition, he has participated in group shows at the Astrup Fernley Museum in Oslo, the ICA in Portland, Maine, the DESTE museum in Athens, and the Schirn Kunstalle in Frankfurt.

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