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Nicolas Ceccaldi

Private Listing , 2011

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About the artist

Nicolas Ceccaldi

Nicolas Ceccaldi, born in 1983, is a Canadian artist, working primarily with painting, who lives and works in New York City. Ceccaldi has exhibited works that deal with a wide range of cultural and social references, along with artwork that reappropriates aspects of the natural world, such as flora and fauna. One of his solo exhibitions at the Greene Naftali Gallery in 2021 in New York City depicts a wide variety of subjects from the past few years of his career- from Jesus hanging upside down on the cross to lovers embracing in a kiss- while Knock knock, an exhibition from 2020, centers around a common theme: the 2019 film Joker. Ceccaldi references the film through either direct quotation or personal interpretation. No matter the subject of the painting, Ceccaldi paints with expressive and figurative brushstrokes, often employing a color palette of earth tones and neutrals. 

He has participated in solo and group exhibitions around North America and Europe. 

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