Sergej Jensen

Rumsfeld , 2002

63 x 75 inches
160 x 190 cm
Denim and pleather on canvas
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About the artist

Sergej Jensen

Sergej Jensen, born 1973, is a Danish artist best known for his manifold textile works. Jensen uses a multitude of fabrics in his work like wool, burlap, cashmere, and linen, to create his lyrical compositions. His process involves combining these materials through sewing, gluing, painting, among others in order to highlight the idiosyncrasies and imperfections of the material. These imperfections, like frayed edges or discoloration are not only gestural, but point to negative space and delineated forms. He also often recycles leftover fabrics from previous works into his next projects. Jensen describes his practice as, “painting without paint.” Jensen lives and works in Berlin and New York and has received significant international attention.

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