The Soft Needs

Matthias Bitzer

The Soft Needs , 2011

80.75 x 57.125 Inches
Paper on wood, acrylic on glass
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About the artist

Matthias Bitzer

Matthias Bitzer, born in 1975, is a German multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores how history, both personal and collective, are constructed. The scope of his inspiration ranges from Euclidean geometry to enigmatic figures of history such as Emily Dickinson and Kurt Weill. In his collages, drawings, and photographs, Bitzer intersplices the works with patterns and geometrics. In his sculptures referencing these figures, he includes aspects of their biographies and own oeuvres. The boundaries blur not only between abstraction and representation, but also between what is fact and what is his imagined fiction. Through his work, Bitzer questions and sheds light on the fragility of a single narrative and the idea of a universal truth.

Bitzer’s work is held in the collections of The Art Collection of the Federal Republic of Germany, the LACMA Los Angeles, the Marta Herford Museum, and Kunstsammlung Gera. The Kunsthalle Göppingen recently dedicated a solo exhibition to Bitzer in 2021.

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