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Szabolcs Bozó

Private Listing , 2020

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About the artist

Szabolcs Bozó

Hungarian-born, London-based artist Szabolcs Bozó (born 1992) reacts to his nostalgia and yearning for childhood through his fantastical creatures that could be pulled from a story book. A self-taught artist, Bozó finds inspiration in images made by, and for children. These works of art are filled with expressive brushstrokes and vibrant, lively colors that engage and instill wonder in viewers of all ages. 

To create his pieces, Bozó lays out his large-scale canvases on the floor and starts with an outline of the figure  he’s depicting. He then fills in the creature with loose strokes, reminiscent of a coloring book. 

Bozó has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Mallorca, and London. He has had residencies in California (2020) and Spain (2018) along with participating in group exhibitions around the world.

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