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Jordy Kerwick

Private Listing , 2020

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About the artist

Jordy Kerwick

Australian-born, France-based artist Jordy Kerwick (born in 1982) has a wide-ranging oeuvre, from figurative portraits, to Cubist-inspired still lifes, to more gestural and abstract works. The vein that threads through all of his works is the thickly impastoed paint applied to each canvas and paper. Kerwick is considered a self-taught artist, having begun painting in 2016 almost on a “whim” as he describes it. He quickly shot into the center of international success, with solo exhibitions following in London, California, New York, and Sydney. Inspired by art history and scenes from his life living with his family in a French château, his painted scenes feature domestic elements along with a darker, grittier side to things.

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