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Patrick Alston

Private Listing , 2020

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About the artist

Patrick Alston

Patrick Alston is an American contemporary artist whose work focuses on analyzing socio-political contexts and the complexities of language and identity in relation to abstract painting. Alston’s gestural, multi-layered compositions use oil, acrylic, and pastel on sewn structures of canvas and linen to explore expression and perception. There is a robust primary market for Alston’s breathtaking gestural works, and his first piece sold at auction in spring of 2021, indicating the beginning of his momentum on the secondary stage. In 2021 Alston had a solo exhibition at Ross Karmerl Gallery, New York, took part in a group show at Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Brooklyn, and participated in a residency at Gallery 57 (Accra, Ghana). Alston’s solo exhibition at Gallery 57 (London), “I’ve Never Known Home,” opened October 16th and runs through late November.

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