Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Untitled , 2016

12.0 x 12.0 Inches
Oil and mixed media on canvas
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Fleisher Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia; Private Collection, Philadelphia; Private Collection

About the artist

Jonathan Lyndon Chase

American artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase, born in 1989, uses expressive gestures and marks to represent the queer Black figures that inhabit their canvases. Chase’s compositions blur the distinction between public and private spaces as floating heads and bodies are placed against vibrant and colorful backdrops. The Philadelphia-based artist also works in drawing, sculpture, video, and soundall of their works primarily focusing on themes of queer Black intimacy. 

With a recent first solo exhibition at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Chase uses the setting of a laundromat, at once public and private, to further explore themes of queerness and domesticity. Bold colors and textiles punctuate the space as the artist depicts scenes from both history and fantasy.

Along with this exhibition at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Chase has exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Their work continues to grow on the secondary market as well, with work selling into the six figures.

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