American painter Caitlin MacBride finds inspiration and tension in the relics of the American utopia. A rippling bonnet framed by a tightly woven rope and clasp, a pristine, curved pruning knife surrounded by shorn branches, and a shaker twin bed topped with tousled pink sheets. Though deceptively simple, her object studies seem to hum with dichotomous philosophical opposition -- virtuosity and subjugation, precision and imperfection, piety and sexuality -- borrowing symbols and meaning from across the art historical spectrum and embedding them into her canvases. A classical painter raised on the border of Connecticut and Rhode Island, MacBride graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 2005 followed by an MFA at Bard’s Milton Avery School of the Arts in 2015. After many years in New York, studying museum archives, painting, and teaching, MacBride took a leap. Though her first studio may have been the hallway of her New York apartment, her current studio is located at the Foreland Campus for Contemporary Art in Catskill, New York, a seemingly perfect complement to her current body of work.
    "A few years ago, I began to rethink my work. I wanted to look more closely at our collective American identity while the country was amidst such chaos."
    - Caitlin MacBride

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