Known for his often shocking videos, animatronic sculptures, and digital paintings, Jordan Wolfson has been heralded as one of the most transgressive and controversial artists of his generation. His always biting, often dark, and sometimes offensive work has been both celebrated as a brilliant critique of our technologically-fueled lives and criticized for its violent inhumanity. Whatever your position on Wolfson, there is no doubt that his work triggers extreme responses in the viewer. As his art dealer, David Zwirner has said about Wolfson, “Annoyingness is an interesting strategy in art-making. If you’re annoyed, you’re not indifferent. The work manipulates me, so I’m being triggered. Transgression is key.” Wolfson borrows from the internet, pop culture, and the everyday to subvert our expectations of art and interrogate our ethical assumptions.
    "All this virtue-signalling and politically correct stuff... I just wanted to see culture. I want to see the world and I want it to be uncensored, and I want to be free to comment on it and know that the gallery space is a safe space to express ideas. (There’s) so much fear. But I always thought that transgression led to transformation."
    - Jordan Wolfson

    About the Artist