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Henrik Olesen

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19.0 x 13.0 Inches
Computer collage, cardboard
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About the artist

Henrik Olesen

Henrik Olesen, born 1967, is a Danish conceptual artist working with a variety of materials including collage, found-object sculptures, installations, posters, fliers, text and spatial interventions. His work is based on rigorous research that reveals the boundaries, borders, and laws that define queer spaces, sites, and bodies. Olesen’s projects have addressed a range of subjects relating to queer histories such as the tragic life of famed English mathemtician Alan Turring and “sodomy laws” that aimed to supress homosexuality. While the stories and truths Olesen uncovers in his work already exist in the public domain, they are widely excluded from public discourse.  

Olesen’s work has been exhibited at international museums and galleries, as well as the Venice Biennale. His most extensive museum exhibition was recently held in 2019 in Madrid at the Museo Reina Sofia.  The artist lives and works in Berlin.  

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