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Richard Long

Private Listing , 1969

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About the artist

Richard Long

Richard Long, born 1945, is a British sculptor who lives and works in Bristol, England. A pioneer of the Land Art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Long uses the landscape as both the medium and subject of his art. Rejecting the confines of the studio, Long bases many of his works around walks he has made - tracing his physical movements through nature with photographs and text. Walking through big, empty landscapes, Long stops along the way to create sculptures from the natural materials of the area. Using materials such as slate, driftwood, mud and rock, Long creates minimalist sculptures inspired by the natural geography of his surroundings. The fact that many of his works are reclaimed by nature is irrelevant to Long - the process of creation and the idea being more important than the work itself. In this way, his works are a form of performance and conceptual art. However, Long’s art is not limited to remote locations and the artist has exhibited at galleries worldwide, including a 2009 retrospective at the Tate Britain, London. For these exhibitions, Long displays photographs and text alongside his sculptures as a way of documenting his experience. 

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