Noses & Ears, Etc., Part III: Altered Person (Color)

John Baldessari

Noses & Ears, Etc., Part III: Altered Person (Color) , 2007

42.5 x 62.5 Inches
Archival inkjet print mounted on Sintra
Unique artwork
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About the artwork

“I’ve often thought of myself as a frustrated writer, I consider a word and an image of equal weight, and a lot of my work comes out of that kind of thinking.”

About the artist

John Baldessari

Through a diverse practice spanning painting, sculpture, and installation, John Baldessari (1931-2020) aided in shaping the Conceptual Art movement. He garnered early acclaim and recognition for his use of colorful dots atop photographs. In the mid to late 1960s, he shifted focus and was a pioneer in appropriating images and blending photography and painting with text. Baldessari is best known for taking photographic material out of its original context and rearranging it, often with the inclusion of text. His work demonstrates the associative power of language and the potential for narration within a work of art. The use of appropriation to create an entirely new meaning out of an image, word, or sentence defined his career and inspired many of his successors. Along with being a leading force in late 1960s conceptualism, Baldessari is fondly remembered by many as a prolific and influential art professor at CalArts, aiding in the creation of careers of the likes from B. Wurtz to Barbara Bloom. Popular at auction, Baldessari’s work consistently sells at high prices. 

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