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Cindy Sherman

Private Listing , 1996

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About the artist

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is an American artist born in 1954 who is best known for her photographs, particularly photographs of herself, that play with the question and construction of identity and stereotypes in contemporary culture. She is one of the most important artists of the Pictures Generation, coming to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s by responding to the emerging mass media landscape in American society by appropriating images from film, television, advertising, and magazines in her art. Sherman often acts as model, photographer, and director in her work, famously known for transforming herself into women from 20th century pop culture using makeup, costumes, and prosthetics. Rarely classified as self-portraits, Sherman’s goal in her photography is to have viewers recognize something in themselves in the image rather than to recognize her. 

One of Sherman’s earliest series of photographs, Untitled Film Still, is one of her best-selling and most beloved. The series explores stereotypes of women typically found in films from the 1950s and 1960s, and works from the collection now sell for upwards of 2 million USD. Her photographs continue to be desired commodities for collectors, with multiple 2021 auctions promoting sales of Sherman alongside her Picture Generation contemporaries. Sherman continues to evolve and to transform herself, whether that be in her traditional medium of photography or in her newer explorations of self via Instagram. 

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