Untitled (Your Misery Loves Company/ Feel Is Something You Do With Your Hands)

Barbara Kruger

Untitled (Your Misery Loves Company/ Feel Is Something You Do With Your Hands) , 1985

22.13 x 22.38 Inches
Lenticular photograph in artist's frame
Edition of 6
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About the artwork

“I try to make work that incorporates the seductions of the culture that we live in but also makes us think. Any disjunction, any displacement, any messing with convention can help us to recognise the systems of control that surround us. Doubt can be an exercise in self-consciousness and criticality. It can be an attempt to live an examined life.”

About the artist

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger, born 1945, is an American Conceptual artist best known for her photo and text collages. Kruger’s signature style is heavily informed by her early career in graphic design. Starting her career at Mademoiselle magazine, a Condé Nast Publication, she was quickly promoted to head designer by the time she was twenty-two. Her artistic career, however, did not take off until the late 1970s. Using typefaces like Futura Bold or Helvetica Extra Bold, Kruger places text over found images in order to critique issues like consumerism, desire, power, corporate greed, and racial and gender stereotypes. Kruger’s work also plays to the short attention span of our society. Placing short phrases in black, white, or red text bars, as well as employing personal pronouns like “you” and “I”, Kruger immediately grabs the viewers’ attention and brings them directly into each piece. Her found images purposefully come from mainstream print-media sources that sell the very ideas she is disputing. While Kruger is often labeled a feminist or political artist, she does not categorize her art that way; she explains she is a feminist who makes art. Kruger’s work has been exhibited at many prominent museums, as well as on billboards, buscards, posters, public parks, train station platforms, among other public commissions. Kruger lives and works in New York and Los Angeles. 

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