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LiveArt is pleased to present a selection of 20th and 21st century prints that exemplify the primary role that printmaking plays in the practice of many artists. Pablo Picasso, who is considered one of the most influential printmakers of the 20th century, made his first print in 1899, his last in 1972 at the age of 90. Picasso’s prints closely follow the motifs he focused on as a painter, such as circus figures, bulls, and his portraits of women, often with the artist working out his ideas simultaneously in painting and print. Robert Rauschenberg also explored a variety of printing techniques throughout his career, such as silkscreen, intaglio and digital printing and boldly experimented with unconventional materials such as cardboard, fabric and plastic. In his prints, Bruce Nauman often confronts the very nature of the medium itself, as in his work “Life Fly Life Flies”, where the letters of the text are presented in reverse, a clear homage to the printmaking process. For the collector, prints help to offer a fuller picture of an artist’s career and also provide the opportunity to acquire works by sought-after artists.
"I already see things backwards! ...You see, in printmaking everything comes out backwards, so printing is an absolute natural for me."
- Robert Rauschenberg

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