Stephane Couturier

Liege , 1997

43.31 x 55.12 Inches
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About the artist

Stephane Couturier

French photographer Stéphane Couturier, born in 1957, has been exhibiting various photographic series focused on the landscapes around him since 1994. His first works came as part of a series in 1994 titled “Urban Archeology,” which depicted the city from multiple viewpoints. He soon became attracted to a different kind of urban environment: the suburbs. These soon became his favorite subject. The repetitiveness of the suburban landscape inspired the series of works that came later, along with the processes he used to achieve them. In 2002, Couturier’s new series were in the form of polyptychs, allowing viewers to disassemble and recompose the landscapes. Using repetition and superimposing images on top of one another, he continues to question photography’s reputation as one that depicts reality and the truth by playing with photographic narratives.

With a recent exhibition at Christophe Guye Galerie Zurich in Switzerland, Couturier continues to be an innovative force within photography and the art world as a whole. He regularly exhibits around Europe, and has his work held in the collections of major institutions and museums.

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