Claudio Bravo

Narcissuss , 1995

20.0 x 18.0 Inches
Edition of 76
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Marlborough Gallery

About the artwork

“Paintings and art and creation never come from nothing; they come from other artists and bits and pieces of other works. Everything that comes out new is always a reading of something else that’s already been done. That’s the goal: you have to produce a product that’s different from a previous product. When you do something different, that’s when people start to recognise it.”

About the artist

Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo (1936-2011) was a Chilean painter and sculptor known for his trompe l’oeil paintings that blended hyperrealism with classic Spanish influences and art historical references. Influenced by Baroque and Surrealist styles, Bravo caught the attention of the American art world in the early 1960s for his trompe l’oeil paintings of paper packages, prompting him to move to New York. Bravo often denied the label of “photorealism” to describe his work, instead crediting Mark Rothko as inspiration. While photorealists worked from photographs, Bravo worked from live subjects, depicting abstract fields of color in much the same manner Rothko did, while still emphasizing the tactile quality of the paper packages he painted. He expanded his artistic repertoire to include still lives, landscapes, along with animal and human portraits after moving to Tangier, Morocco in 1972. Bravo frequently painted portraits of prominent political figures, including the Marcos Presidential family of the Philippines and Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. His works are held in major collections such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and he was the recipient of a Gold Medal of Honor from the Casita Maria in the Bronx.

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