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    Same Dog, New Tricks

LiveArt is pleased to present a signature poodle painting by contemporary artist Susumu Kamijo. Since 2014, Kamijo has used the image of a poodle to create work that is at once figurative and abstract, sophisticated and playful. Kumijo currently has a poodle and a fox terrier, but it is the poodle breed’s variety of shapes and forms that has caught his eye and occupied his artistic vision. Kamijo has “always liked the movement, lines and shapes and the posture and attitude that the subject” --  the highly recognizable poodle -- “is presenting." Like his contemporary Jonas Wood, Kumijo focuses on the familiar, but from that simple starting point, he creates endless aesthetic possibilities through repeated patterns, distillation of shapes, and bold blocks of color. This approach has elements of pop, figuration, and abstraction, and suggests the influence of ancient Japanese woodblock techniques as well as the modern seriality of Yayoi Kusama.  
"For me, I’m interested in the shapes of the show poodle. People take a lot of time to grow their hair. I just like the show poodle’s form, I don’t know why."
- Susumu Kamijo

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