Delicate Buds

Khari Turner

Delicate Buds , 2021

Tondo on canvas; acrylic, oil, ink, charcoal. Pacific Ocean water, water from Lower Manhattan docks, Lake Michigan, and Milwaukee River water
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About the artist

Khari Turner

Khari Turner, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1991, is a painter who is currently finishing his MFA at Columbia University. His style combines abstraction and figuration, focusing on exaggerated facial features. Turner has said, "The noses and lips of black skin represent my history and connection to my heritage, but they also represent the fact that people with wider noses, thicker lips, and darker skin statistically getting longer prison sentences in the US and this positive and negative is what drive the point of the work." His work is also inspired by the Great Lakes and he collects and mixes into his paintings water from lakes, oceans, and rivers that have a historical or personal affiliation with Black history.   Khari Turner has exhibited in many galleries, including Nō Studios, Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, and Sola Contemporary.

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