Buyer Registration Agreement

Welcome and Introduction

Thank you for allowing us to help you arrange a potential purchase of a work of art (a “Work”) on our platform. We (meaning Live Art Inc., a Delaware company, aka “LiveArt”) aim to provide you with an efficient and rewarding experience that results in a purchase of a Work directly from a “Seller” to whom we will virtually—and anonymously—introduce you. Using our streamlined process, and with the help of a “Concierge” or other member of our team, once you and the Seller have entered into an “Sale + Purchase Agreement” (aka an “SPA”) that you and the Seller will virtually sign (using our standard SPA form and/or as modified by you and the Seller via an anonymous chat with or without the help of a LiveArt Concierge), the Work (via our online shipping process) will be shipped to a fine art warehouse in Delaware (the “Warehouse”). You will deposit the funds in our account to be escrowed (the “Escrow”) and, once all the conditions of the SPA and our Terms and Conditions are satisfied, title will pass to you in the Warehouse so that the Work can be delivered to you (arranged by you via our online shipping process) or stored at the Warehouse under an account you set up (with the help of a Concierge if you wish).  

LiveArt’s Role

We are here to help you during this simple process. From receiving the Work for you, holding your payment and the Work in secure Escrow to shipping via an online process that gives you competitive quotes, or arranging a storage account for you in the Warehouse, we want to provide a friction-free process. But make no mistake, we are not a “middleman.” To the contrary, we are creating an efficient marketplace that allows you and the Seller to transact securely, lawfully, and efficiently. Using our proprietary technology and platform, and with the help of a Concierge as needed, we will arrange a direct sale between you and the Seller. Our job is to facilitate a sale for you and the Seller, not to act as either of your agents, advisors, fiduciaries, attorneys, representatives, etc.

“KYC,” “AML” and Credit Checks

To make the process go smoothly, we frontload much of what needs to be done to close your purchase. You play your part in that by giving us, as part of the Buyer Registration Process, the information and assurances that we will need to register you on our platform: