All I Saw Was Red

Jo Nanajian

All I Saw Was Red , 2021

60.0 x 51.0 Inches
Acrylic, glass beads, thermoplastic adhesive, and pastel on canvas
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About the artist

Jo Nanajian

Jo Nanajian (born 1996) is a Lebanese artist who received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Her recent work includes large-scale abstract charcoal drawings that are created using a draw and erase process until the final form has a faded and ghostly effect. The goal of her drawings is to capture her emotions from an unprocessed memory that ultimately result in a feeling of loss of control, visible in the unrecognizable and abstract figures and shapes in her work. In addition to her artistic practice, Nanajian founded a mask business in 2019, a hobby that became more involved and in demand with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She has exhibited her work in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Boston. 

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