Enveloped by the Sun #4

Mark Fleuridor

Enveloped by the Sun #4 , 2021

43.0 x 44.0 Inches
Ink, glitter, and collage on printed watercolor paper
Unique artwork
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About the artist

Mark Fleuridor

Mark Fleuridor is a Haitian American artist born and raised in Miami, Florida. Through painting, performance, quilting, and collage, Fleuridor explores his personal history within his Haitian background, particularly in relationship to his family.  His work examines his memories and family narratives that reflect  his past in Haiti and his present within the Haitian community in Miami. Mark Fleuridor received his BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019. Fleuridor has exhibited his works in various exhibitions including Idiom and Taxonomies at Oolite Arts in Miami, Florida, and Noir, Noir, at Prizm Art Fair, Miami FL.

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