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Ludovic Nkoth

Private Listing , 2009

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About the artist

Ludovic Nkoth

Ludovic Nkothborn 1994, is a South African painter based in New York. Nkoth moved from Cameroon to South Carolina at the age of 13 with no knowledge of English. As an immigrant and first generation African-American, Nkoth’s identity exists between cultures. In America, he is considered African, while in Africa, he is considered American. At an early age, Nkoth began to us painting as a tool with which he could grapple with his own identity as well as investigate his family’s history and the culture and traditions of Africa and its diaspora. Intentionally political in his work, Nkoth feels a responsibility to use art as a means to discuss systemic oppression and brutality towards black people, shedding light on experiences that might not be immediately visible to the rest of the population. His vivid and layered paintings attempt to reclaim stolen power, culture, and the self, while showcasing being black and proud. 

Receiving his BFA from the University of South Carolina and MFA from Hunter College, this exciting young artist’s career is just beginning. Only in his early 20s, Nkoth has received international attention and recently completed his first major solo exhibition at François Ghebaly, Los Angeles.

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