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Ben Schumacher

Private Listing , 2016

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About the artist

Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher, born 1985, is a New York based Canadian artist. After graduating from Waterloo University with a degree in architecture, he soon realized he wanted to pursue a career in art instead. Upon graduating from New York University with a MFA in 2011, Schumacher began a practice that draws influence from his architectural background. Often combining prints and drawings with sculptures and installations, his work constitutes an opaque multilingual, multimedia, and multidisciplinary sort of art. He is also interested in the circulation of information in the Internet age, addressing the relationship between technological development and culture.  Schumacher's rural upbringing is the source of his fascination with themes of technological dislocation. 

Schumacher has had solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. In 2013, Schumacher returned to his architectural roots and collaborated with an architecture firm for his solo exhibition at Bortolami Gallery, New York.  

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