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Rafa Macarrón

Private Listing , 2012

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About the artist

Rafa Macarrón

Rafa Macarrón, born in 1981, is a self-taught artist hailing from Spain whose unique characters feature abstracted limbs and exaggerated features. Experimenting with architectural elements and volume, Macarrón creates an interplay between two and three dimensional spaces within his work. The artist’s distinctive personal style draws influence from comic books, 1950s Spanish painting, and the work of Jean Debuffet and Roberto Matta. Macarrón made his auction debut in fall of 2021 with his 2019 diptych “Rutina Fluor," and the painting amassed a six-figure sum more than eight times the low estimate. Macarrón was the first winner of the BMW painting prize in 2011 and has participated in individual and group exhibitions internationally.

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