Swimming Pool

Gene Davis

Swimming Pool , 1977

68 x 94 Inches
Acrylic on canvas
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About the artist

Gene Davis

American painter and artist Gene Davis (1920-1985), was at the center of the Washington Color School, a group of Color Field painters living and working in Washington D.C. Along with Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, large fields of color were central to Davis’ practice. Davis specifically is celebrated for his compositions of thin, vibrantly colored striped lines. As with all Color Field artists, he was taken with color and color relationships, creating patterns of vertical brightly colored stripes inspired by jazz music. A major figure in 20th century American painting, Davis broke boundaries and aided in making Washington D.C. an artistic hub. 

In 1972, Davis painted Niagara, a 43,680 square foot painting that became the largest painting ever made at the time. He continues to be celebrated for his innovation and boundary-pushing work. Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art in New York put on Primacy earlier this year in 2021, an exhibition celebrating Davis and the impact of the Washington Color School that remains. 

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