Rudolf Stingel

Untitled , 2007

Works on paper
25.04 x 33.07 Inches
Work on paper
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Private Collection Sadie Coles HQ, London

About the artist

Rudolf Stingel

Rudolf Stingel, born in 1956, is an Italian artist currently based in New York City. Stingel uses a wide range of materials in his work, such as Styrofoam, paint, rubber, and carpet. By using such non-conventional materials, Stingel questions what a painting is and how they are made. His practice contemplates subjects of time, memory, and perception encouraging the participation of the viewer. Stingel became first recognized in the late 1980s for his monochromatic works, silvery paintings with undertones of red, yellow, or blue. His later abstract paintings from the 1990s use various techniques such as splaying, dripping, and pressing of brilliant oil paints. Since 2005 Stingel has been painting photorealistic portraits of himself and others, and also building immersive site-specific exhibitions including a series of eight consecutive installations exhibited at Gagosian’s Park & 75 gallery in New York in 2015.

Stingel never limits the use of materials and perspectives, rather he continues to build upon and depart from one another, expanding definitions of art and authorship along the way. His work is held in major collections around the world. 

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