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LiveArt Sale Report: Frieze New York

Who sold what at Frieze New York, 2022

Frieze New York’s 2022 edition found the art world returning to steady sales after a spate of more muted COVID-era events. Attendees flocked to Manhattan’s west side to wander amongst four floors of art at The Shed. The fairgrounds weren’t exactly jam-packed (Frieze was controlling the number of bodies in The Shed at any one time) but collectors continued to stream in well into the evening of the second preview day, ensuring plenty of opportunity for sales. 

There were the expected big-gallery standouts—David Zwirner’s coral-tinged installation of Carol Bove sculptures sold out on the first day, as did Hauser and Wirth’ presentation of works by Charles Gaines— and a widespread focus on painting, from Perrotin’s presentation of contemporary women painters including Cristina BanBan, Danielle Orchard, and Nikki Maloof to Gagosian’s eye-popping solo exhibition of Albert Oehlen canvases and the glittering Eamon Ore-Giron works on display at James Cohan’s booth. Despite the expected dominance of solo booths and painterly expression, more experimental approaches also had impact. Lubov’s presentation of works by the sculptor Marsha Pels, equal parts ornamentally skeletal and rigidly industrial, was the subject of sustained interest, as was the orgiastic cornucopia of silicone sculpture and poetic projection that made up Cajsa von Zeipel’s installation at Company’s booth. 

Gallerists seemed happy, overall, with the pace of sales— a triumphant turnaround from the more sluggish sales of the New York Art Week fairs earlier this spring, and a signal that collectors are still happy to buy. Here’s what sold:

Marsha Pels’s Dead Cowboy sculpture, $40,000

Judith Getchman painting, $12,000

Sold out booth: New paintings by Kye Christensen-Knowles (prices not disclosed)

Mendes Wood DM
Solange Pessoa pair of untitled oil paintings, $100,000-150,000 
Large-scale Alvaro Barrington painting on burlap, $100-150,000
2017 Luis Roque video work, $15,000-20,000

303 Gallery
Works by Rob Pruitt and Rodney Graham (prices not disclosed)
Two Jeppe Hein balloon sculptures (prices not disclosed)

Gabriel Orozco painting, $300-400,000
Roberto Gil de Montes work, ~$50,000
Damian Ortega work, $50,000-100,000

Michael Rosenfeld
A number of works from its solo presentation of Nancy Grossman works: Two drawings, $45,000 each; Two leather head sculptures, $350,000 each; A collage, $180,000

A number of works by Latifa Echakhch, €120,000-180,000 each

Francois Ghebaly
Two Christine Sun Kim drawings, $30,000 
Two Rindon Johnson works, $25,000
Five Jessie Makinson small works, $10,000 each; One larger work, $40,000 
Two Cassi Namoda ceramic works, $45,000 each
Two Ludovic Nkoth paintings, $50,000 and $60,000
One Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork blanket, $15,000
Two Danielle De Jesus paintings,$16,000 and $18,000
Two Talia Levitt paintings, $9,000 each
One Sascha Braunig painting, $45,000
One Andrew Sendor work, $15,000

The Approach
Three paintings by Magali Reys and two by Tom Allen, $10,000-$20,000 each

Rachel Uffner
Sold out presentation: Anne Buckwalter paintings, $6,000-$14,000 each
A number of sculptures by Bianca Beck, $12,000-$14,000 each

Jenkins Johnson
A large scale charcoal work by Sydney Cain, $26,000
Pigment print photograph by Gordon Parks, $42,000

James Cohan 
Sold out presentation: Eamon Ore-Giron paintings, $16,000-$125,000 each

Hauser and Wirth
Five large-scale Charles Gaines works sold, $550,000 each; plus multiple editions of a smaller work, $25,000 each

White Cube
George Baselitz sculpture, €550,000
Damien Hirst painting, $450,000
Günther Förg painting, €415,000 plus applicable taxes
Isamu Noguchi sculpture, $375,000
Al Held watercolor, $80,000
Marguerite Humeau charcoal on paper work, £32,000 plus applicable taxes

David Zwirner
Sold out presentation: Carol Bove sculptures, $200,000-$600,000 each

Sean Kelly
Anthony Akinbola, Fantasia #2 (durags, acrylic on wood panel), $30,000
Jose Dávila, Untitled (set of three archival pigment prints), $40,000
Idris Khan, Adagio in Blue, (ink on paper and collage mounted onto Dibond), £160,000
Hugo McCloud, May 5th 2022, (single use plastic mounted on panel, 4 works) $60,000 each
Sam Moyer, Large Payne 17, (oil on panel, walnut frame), $45,000

Thaddeus Ropac (sourced from Artnews)
Georg Baselitz painting, $1.3 million
Rachel Jones painting, £75,000
Sturtevant Johns Target with Plaster Casts, $742,000
Alex Katz painting, $700,000
Robert Longo,  $550,000
Tom Sachs, $250,000
Mandy El-Sayegh, $55,000

Xavier Hufkens (sourced from Artnews)
Ten works by Tracey Emin, $75,000-$500,000 each
Louise Bourgeois sculpture, $145,000
Thomas Houseago work, $95,000
Huma Bhabha works, $28,000-$60,000 each

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