Claude Monet sold $451 million worth of art in the first half of 2022. Another $350 million in Monets are coming to market in Fall 2022 with the Paul G. Allen collection.

Bonhams to Sell $500k Lynne Drexler

If you had told anyone six months ago that a painting by Lynne Drexler would be offered at auction in Los Angeles with a low estimate of $500,000, the response would have been laughter. But this week Bonhams announced it would be offering Grass Symphony from 1962 at its Los Angeles sale on September 14th with a $500,000 low estimate.
Bridget Riley, Streak 3

The Stripes Are Solid

Retrospectives for Bridget Riley and Sean Scully show the fertility of simplicity. Figuration may still dominate painting but two retrospectives this Summer remind us that there is a generation of abstract painters who are still receiving recognition.

A System of Seeing

In the 1964 Time magazine article credited with coining the term “Op art,” the author describes the genre as “preying and playing on the fallibility in vision.” At Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Brianna Bass and Alexander Puz renew the vibrancy of genre

How Scott Kahn Made the Hot List for Q2

When Scott Kahn’s first work of art came up at auction in Hong Kong last November at Phillips— and sold for nearly a million dollars—it seemed like the end of a long saga. And it was. The 76-year-old artist had been without a gallery for a decade and a half.

FUTURES: Louis Fratino’s Touching Figures

Through museum shows and Instagram posts, Salman Toor, Doron Langberg, and Jenna Gribbon have emerged as leaders of a movement of Contemporary artists employing figurative painting to further queer representation. One young artist in this movement, Louis Fratino, has generated a strong collector base

Making the Hot List for Spring 2022

There are some obvious and not so obvious names on our list of artists with some of the most dynamic sales in the second quarter of 2022. For example, Anna Weyant’s name is no surprise to anyone who followed the May auction season in New York. Nor is Ernie Barnes, for that matter.

Jesse Mockrin: Identity and Art History

The artist uses the power of art historical images to discuss gender in the present. While Mockrin’s practice takes visual elements from European oil painting, her process is highly informed by photography and contemporary images.