Jesse Mockrin: Identity and Art History

The artist uses the power of art historical images to discuss gender in the present. While Mockrin’s practice takes visual elements from European oil painting, her process is highly informed by photography and contemporary images.

Ouattara Watts: The Thirty-Year Overnight Sensation

How did an Ivoirian artist Jean-Michel Basquiat discovered in the 1980s suddenly join two of the hottest galleries and become and auction star? Of all of the surprises that took place during the May sales in New York, one big one—the sale of Ouattara Watts’ Afro Beat from 2011 for a remarkable $781,200 during Christie’s 21st Century Evening sale—has gone almost unremarked upon.

The Summer of Richard Serra

Best known for his heroic steel sculptures, Richard Serra's—approachable and accessible—drawings are starring in museums and galleries across Europe and the US this Summer.

Lucy Bull Charges Forward

Lucy Bull's attention-getting LA gallery shows and art fair appearances result in strong sales on the private market and, now, a big auction debut

The Being Behind LOVEBEING

An artist with a difficult past and the subject of an HBO documentary, Gianni Arone constructs a reference-heavy world through his emotive character NFTs.

The Pillars of Samson

Already achieving six-figure prices, South African painter Cinga Samson has two works in London’s sales with attractive estimates. Here’s how he rose to prominence.