Gleaner Odalisque

FUTURES: The Broom Boom

Emily Mae Smith rose as one of the stars of the 2021 season. A female artist, a figurative painter, and a contemporary Surrealist memorably skewering identity and gender, Smith was both a fresh take and fit the mold for market interest.

FUTURES: Louis Fratino’s Touching Figures

Through museum shows and Instagram posts, Salman Toor, Doron Langberg, and Jenna Gribbon have emerged as leaders of a movement of Contemporary artists employing figurative painting to further queer representation. One young artist in this movement, Louis Fratino, has generated a strong collector base

FUTURES: Etel Adnan's Long Road to Recognition

When she died last year at 96, the market was already waking up to her singular talent. “I am sensitive to beauty,” artist Etel Adnan says in one of her final interviews recorded for the exhibition of her work at the van Gogh museum that runs throughout this Summer.

FUTURES: Nicolas Party Isn't Ready to Leave Yet

Nicolas Party’s market has been growing steadily and progressively over the last three years. Normally we might expect sales to plateau at a new level after three successive years of growth and new record prices at auction each successive year. But that hasn’t really happened with Party’s auction market.

FUTURES: Ewa Juszkiewicz

With an auction circuit hungry for both new names and figurative works, Polish painter Ewa Juszkiewicz’s stardom is no surprise. This week at Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale, her 2019 painting Portrait of a Lady (After Louis Leopold Boilly) sold for $1,560,000.

FUTURES: Ayako Rokkaku

Ayako Rokkaku is a self-taught Japanese artist whose market continues to trend upward heading into the 2022 spring auction season. Rokkaku’s colorful paintings, often created with her bare hands in lieu of a brush, have been gaining momentum in Asia since her auction debut in late 2008.

FUTURES: Robert Nava’s Quick Turnaround

Indiana-born, Brooklyn-based artist Robert Nava has seen steady momentum on the secondary market since his mid-pandemic auction debut in July of 2020. Collectors love his imaginative mixed-media creatures. The fantasy animals first showed up at NADA Miami and at the Dallas Art Fair displayed at Los Angeles’s Night Gallery.