FUTURES: Louis Fratino’s Touching Figures

Through museum shows and Instagram posts, Salman Toor, Doron Langberg, and Jenna Gribbon have emerged as leaders of a movement of Contemporary artists employing figurative painting to further queer representation. One young artist in this movement, Louis Fratino, has generated a strong collector base

Jesse Mockrin: Identity and Art History

The artist uses the power of art historical images to discuss gender in the present. While Mockrin’s practice takes visual elements from European oil painting, her process is highly informed by photography and contemporary images.

Lucy Bull Charges Forward

Lucy Bull's attention-getting LA gallery shows and art fair appearances result in strong sales on the private market and, now, a big auction debut

FUTURES: Ayako Rokkaku

Ayako Rokkaku is a self-taught Japanese artist whose market continues to trend upward heading into the 2022 spring auction season. Rokkaku’s colorful paintings, often created with her bare hands in lieu of a brush, have been gaining momentum in Asia since her auction debut in late 2008.

FUTURES: Robert Nava’s Quick Turnaround

Indiana-born, Brooklyn-based artist Robert Nava has seen steady momentum on the secondary market since his mid-pandemic auction debut in July of 2020. Collectors love his imaginative mixed-media creatures. The fantasy animals first showed up at NADA Miami and at the Dallas Art Fair displayed at Los Angeles’s Night Gallery.