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Chris Levine

Icons by Chris Levine


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Jan 31
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Jan 31
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Chris Levine Data Insights

Chris Levine

Total Auction Sales Vol

USD $3,585,560

All time record price

USD $234,139

Average Trading Price

USD $36,700


Contemporary Art

Collection Timeline

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    Artist Chris Levine

    With artworks selling for over $200,000+ USD at auctions, Chris Levine is celebrated for creating some of the most iconic imagery of our era, including the universally acclaimed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Levine is also widely known for his revolutionary light art, including holographic portraits and compelling light installations such as "Molecule of Light," which was recently showcased at the 2023 Noor Riyadh Festival. Levine's works grace the collections of esteemed institutions like the National Portrait Gallery and V&A Museum in London and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Levine’s artworks are now entering a new era with LiveArt. The Icons collection marks a significant leap for the artist, blending Levine's signature light artworks with his acclaimed photographs through Web3.

    I’ve been watching the development of Web3 as I do all new forms of media. As with holograms when I first got involved I felt its potential as a new medium had promise but had been quite technical and inaccessible to many artists. I’m feeling now is the time for me to enter the space. Its a new and exciting digital voice for me as I develop sound and light based work to be played back on screen in this realm” - Chris Levine

    Top 3 Auction Sales

    Chris Levine


    128.3 x 102.3 cm (50.51 x 40.28 in)


    Last sale at Christies


    Chris Levine


    149.9 x 299.7 cm (59 x 118 in)


    Last sale at Sotheby's, London (18 Sep 2018)


    Chris Levine

    She's Light (Laser 3), 2013

    198.1 x 185.4 cm (78 x 73 in)


    Last sale at Christie's, London (25 Sep 2013)